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Impacts of heat stress on livestock

Proposed by: DELTAVIT
Expert(s): Guillaume Piquet

This summary from Deltavit’s experts summarises its impact on animal comfort, performance and profitability.


Goose selection: animal welfare, health safety and performance

Proposed by: Grimaud Frères
Expert(s): Typhanie Ruer

For many years, Grimaud Frères has been selecting different lines of geese breeders for the commercialization of day-old goslings of several types: white geese for the French roasting market or for the international market, grey...


A simplified guinea fowl market for an improved service

Proposed by: Grimaud Frères
Expert(s): Pascal Jamenot

An offer adapted to the market: French production is the main driver of the guinea fowl market with a segmentation varying between standard, label, organic and farmers market. Since the 1980s, production in France has...


How does Grimaud Frères enrich the farming environment?

Proposed by: Grimaud Frères
Expert(s): Emmanuel Merlaud

To enrich the living environment of animals, Grimaud Frères regulates and changes many parameters which aim to reproduce natural conditions and behaviours. Enrichment is a source of animal welfare and increased farm yields.

Duck and live microorganisms (Probiotics)

Proposed by: Grimaud Frères
Expert(s): Antoine Le Calvé

When you are involved to increase your Day Old Duck quality, many ways are possible: hatchery management, vitamins & microelements in breeders. Discover the special rol of Probiotics changing the microbiota to a healthy one!


The 4 pillars for biosecurity in a duck building

Proposed by: Grimaud Frères
Expert(s): Robert Wehrlen

Biosecurity in duck buildings depends on 4 essential pillars from the cleaning of the empty building to the respect of sanitary instructions while ducks are in. The whole preparation period before receiving the animals should...


The risks of self-renewal

Proposed by: Grimaud Frères
Expert(s): Magali Blanchet

Self-renewal is using the birds of one’s own breeding stock, dedicated to meat production, as breeding animals. Is this really advantageous ?